Lighting Services in Washington and McMurray, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC Installs and Repairs Lighting

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers professional lighting services in Washington and McMurray, PA. Do you have recessed lighting that has burnt out or needs replacing? Call on Mr. QuickFix LLC for service. Our electrical contractor has the proper skill and experience to repair and replace recessed lighting and restore light back into your home or business. Instead of struggling with replacing light bulbs or attempting a rewiring job, trust us to get the job done quickly and at an affordable rate. Call today at (304) 290-2817 for more information or for an estimate.

Rewiring Services for Indoor Lighting in McMurray, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers rewiring services for indoor lighting in McMurray, PA, and the surrounding areas. As the electrical system ages, the wiring may need routine upgrades. Since 2003, local residents have counted on our certified electrician to provide rewiring for their homes and businesses. Our electrical contractor can also work with new construction and renovation projects.

Security Lights for Homes and Businesses in Washington, PA

Are you looking for ways to enhance security at your home or business in Washington, PA? Mr. QuickFix LLC offers security lights to make this happen. Security lights help to light up specific areas of your property, whether it be a parking lot, driveway, backyard, warehouse, or other space. Security lights can be motion-sensor or on all the time to provide easy visibility on your property. Do you want to feel safer at night in your neighborhood or keep visitors and employees protected when outdoors? Reach out to our electrical contractor today to learn more about outdoor security lights.

Mr. QuickFix LLC Offers Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installation

You cannot have working lights without a functional electrical panel. Mr. QuickFix LLC installs and upgrades electrical panels in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. There are different types of panels, like fuse boxes, breaker panels, sub panels, and others that all require different services. When you need a new breaker or to upgrade a current one, there is only one electrician to call – Mr. QuickFix LLC.

Our electrical contractor will got to your home or business as soon as possible to provide upgrades or new installation. We also work with new construction projects. 

Contact Us for Outdoor Lighting Installation in McMurray, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers outdoor lighting installation in McMurray, PA, and the surrounding areas. No matter the need, our electrical contractor can quickly install the outdoor lighting and provide the security you need to feel safe in your space. We work diligently to avoid disrupting your daily activities. For more information, contact us today. We are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Mr. QuickFix LLC is who to call for lighting services in Washington and McMurray, PA.