In-Home Medical Equipment Repair in Washington, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC Repairs In-Home Medical Equipment

Mr. QuickFix LLC repairs in-home medical equipment in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. In-home medical equipment is crucial for many to complete daily activities. If lift chairs, wheelchairs, or other equipment break, it can be impossible for someone to safely get around. Call on our handyman to repair the following equipment:



Lift Chairs

Computers & Laptops

Vehicle Wheelchair Lift Installation

Wheelchair Ramps

Call our electrical contractor today at (304) 290-2817 for an estimate or to schedule service in Washington, McMurray, or the surrounding areas. We will discuss the problem and determine the best way to repair it.

Computer and Laptop Repair in Washington, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers computer and laptop repair in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. Computers and laptops are an important part of homes and businesses. Students rely on them for homework, homeowners for bills and browsing, and business owners to keep things running. If your computer or laptop is on the fritz in Western PA, give our handyman a call. He will get to you as soon as possible to get your computer back up and running.

Wheelchair Lift Installation in McMurray, PA

Wheelchair lifts are a wonderful addition to any vehicle. They make entering and exiting the vehicle much easier for those who use wheelchairs. Mr. QuickFix LLC installs wheelchair lifts for trucks and SUVs in McMurray, PA, and the surrounding areas. Talk to our handyman today to learn more about our services.

Contact Mr. QuickFix LLC for Electric Scooter and Wheelchair Repair

Some people with physical disabilities require electric scooters and wheelchairs for mobility. If your electric scooter or wheelchair is not working properly in Washington, PA, contact Mr. QuickFix LLC. We can get to you as soon as possible to restore function back into your in-home medical equipment.

Choose Mr. QuickFix LLC for in-home medical equipment repair in Washington, PA.