Experienced Handyman in Washington, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC Provides Interior Painting

Are you looking for a professional handyman in Washington, PA? Mr. QuickFix LLC can help. We offer some interior painting in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. Painting can be a challenge, and our handyman understands that. Without the proper time or tools, it can feel impossible to get the job done right. Our owner can quickly paint a few rooms in your home to help get those renovation projects underway. Ask us about painting living rooms, bedrooms, and other small projects.

Call Mr. QuickFix LLC at (304) 290-2817 for our interior painting services in Washington and McMurray, PA, and the surrounding areas. We use quality paints from brands like Sherwin-Williams® and Behr®.

Minor Drywall Repairs for Washington, PA, Homes

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers minor drywall repairs in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. Holes and cracks in drywall can look unappealing and detract from the overall look of your home or business. Small patches or hanging things over it may seem like an okay idea, but quick fixes do not also provide lasting results. Hanging something heavy over the crack or hole can even make the situation worse.

Ceramic Tile Repair in Washington and McMurray, PA

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers interior ceramic tile repair in Washington, PA; McMurray, PA; and the surrounding areas. Ceramic tiles are a beautiful addition to kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms, but they do occasionally fall victim to cracks and chips. Instead of living with damaged floors, consider hiring a handyman to repair those broken ceramic tiles and restore beauty back into the floor.

Contact Mr. QuickFix LLC for Indoor Plumbing Services

When it comes to refrigerator or ice maker water lines, water filters, or flex gas lines, there is only one company to call: Mr. QuickFix LLC. As our name suggests, we get all projects done quickly without sacrificing quality. Instead of tackling a DIY indoor plumbing project in Washington, McMurray, or the surrounding areas, contact our handyman right away. Our owner is also a certified electrician and handles minor plumbing services like installing fixtures.

Mr. QuickFix LLC Mounts Flat Screen TVs in the McMurray Area

Mr. QuickFix LLC offers flat screen TV mounting in Washington, PA, and the surrounding areas. Mounted televisions are a very common sight in homes and businesses, especially in dens, living rooms, waiting rooms, and offices. Having a mounted TV can free up space in your home or business, especially if you are trying to furnish a small room. Instead of using a bulky television stand, you can quickly hang the TV on the wall and free up that space for other furniture or appliances.

Choose Mr. QuickFix LLC as your handyman in Washington, PA.